I can faithfully state that I am now officially an "award winning" writer, having won second place in Larry Brody's Script Spectacular contest on "TVWriter.com." This was a national writing contest, sponsored by a veteran television writer. The teaser for that second place script, "N.C.I.S.: ABSCENTIA," is included on this webpage.

My book, "Losing It All: How To Survive The Loss Of Everything, And Live On Just About Nothing"" is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com:

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The Kindle version can be found here..

For multiple copies and bulk orders, please contact the publisher here:

Austin Brothers Publishing
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In the meantime, here are a few writing projects from the past several years.


All original written works 2008-2019 by David Lee Simmons. "The Dead Zone" is a registered trademark of Dead Zone Productions and USA Television, Inc. "NCIS" is a registered trademark of Belisarius Productions and CBS/Paramount Network Television.
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* indicates work is registered with the Writer's Guild of America, West.
This is a short piece about my recent experience trying
to get into "The Late, Late Show" with Craig Ferguson
while on a business trip to Los Angeles a few years ago.

download "The Lying Scotsman" in .pdf format  5 pgs.

This is a spec script for television I wrote in 2010.
It has been well received by those who have read it, and was
entered in Larry Brody's
TVWriter.com Script Spectacular contest.

download "The Dead Zone: Saint Joan" in .pdf format  59 pgs.

* "NCIS: ABSCENTIA" (Teaser)
Since NCIS is still on the air, I thought I would treat you to a little bit
of the spec script I wrote for that show. This is the teaser to a full episode,
which won second place in Larry Brody's Script Spectacular contest.

download "NCIS: Abscentia (Teaser)" in .pdf format  9 pgs.

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